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AI and Small Businesses: Selling Smarter in the Age of GENERATIVE AI

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ChatGPT is a buzzword among everyone– from children to businessmen in suits. It’s used for everything from homework to board meeting documents. ChatGPT and other Generative AI can help users create images, text, and other content from text-based prompts. But how can ChatGPT help small businesses scale their operations better, sell smarter, and grow faster?

  1. Customer Experience

Generative AI will soon be an extremely powerful tool for customer service. Some applications of AI in this field include chatbots, which small businesses can use to create highly personal yet quick and efficient customer service. AI can be used to help customers 24/7, help them to troubleshoot, and to create customer service tickets. This helps businesses scale down staffing costs and also reduces waiting time for customers. 

  1. Business Automation

Day-to-day operational tasks like sending order confirmations, scheduling meetings, and following up on returns can be automated using AI. AI can help send welcome emails, reminder texts, social media posts, and more. This frees up time and focus for small businesses that can focus on branding, promotion, and expansion.

  1. Marketing

Small businesses can use Generative AI to write smart and compelling marketing emails and also use it for personalizing campaigns. Shortly, AI will be able to help analyze customer behavior to tell you what sort of products customers are most likely to buy. This can help you create personal recommendations leading to better conversions

  1. Data Analysis

AI can also help businesses understand data. Business data can help you understand your customers through purchase orders, reviews, returns, or patterns. AI can alert businesses to any sudden changes in business such as a fast-selling product or a sudden drop in sales. 

 91% of businesses surveyed by Forbes have already said that using AI to leverage their business has resulted in positive outcomes. Currently, 26% of small businesses are already investing in AI, but 44% say they want to start using it soon. 

AI goes beyond ChatGPT. From sales enablement to data analytics, AI tools can help businesses in every field. At MarketCentral, our integrated SEO and data dashboards empower our customers to use business intelligence that makes their decisions easier.

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